I have been training with Anthony Marmora for the last 5 years and have been extremely pleased with my experience.  What I like about Anthony as a trainer is that he is genuinely interested in helping you become the healthiest and most fit you can be. I normally get bored of doing the same kind of fitness routine after awhile but the way he designs his bootcamp classes, it always feels different and new. His workouts really force you to work hard but somehow the time flies by. Even after the workout, Anthony makes himself available for questions you might have. I recently returned to The Fit Room after taking some time off to have a baby. It was tough to start training again but in only a few short weeks I already started to feel like my old self. Anthony provided me with variations of exercises so that I could ease my body back into training which was very helpful. In terms of results, before having a baby I was very pleased, I lost inches off my waist and hips and now post baby, the results are even more dramatic. More importantly than the inches is the fact that I feel so much better because of it.  I think its rare to find a trainer who cares so much about his clients. Thanks for the continued great workouts!


As a busy mother of three; finding a trainer who is knowledgeable, motivating, and sincerely interested in my health success is invaluable. Anthony Marmora is a health professional who has had a huge impact on my fitness development to date.  Being a client of his for over three years, I am impressed by the level of support he provides and I confidently recommend him to anyone looking to better their health and fitness. The support he provides goes well beyond the workout as he is prompt to give feedback and answer nutrition questions; which for me is very important. Physical fitness has always been a big part of my life; and to find a fitness program that does not bore me and cause a loss of interest is quite impressive. Thank you Anthony for keeping me motivated and for always giving me that kick in the butt when I need it most!


Despite having a demanding profession and busy social life, I have always done my best to incorporate some sort of exercise regime into my day. Sadly, my exercise routines in the past consisted of walking on a treadmill or wasting an hour of my time on an elliptical machine without ever noticing any changes in my body. I slowly came to terms with the fact that maybe I was not noticing much change because I was now in my mid-30’s and as some women have told me “that is what happens when you get to a certain age… it all goes downhill from here.”  Then, in the summer of 2015, a close friend of mine introduced me to Anthony Marmora, a certified personal trainer and Registered Holistic Nutritionist. I began attending Anthony’s workout classes and started to follow his meal plans.  Anthony would send me daily emails with  recipes and workout tips and always reassured me that it is never too late to transform my body. When I started to attend the classes (not having a clue of what to expect), I was welcomed gracefully by Anthony, his staff and other clients, who despite my fitness level or theirs, always made me feel comfortable and helped push me through exercises I would never do on my own. After just a few months into Anthony’s program at the Fit Room, I have lost inches everywhere, I have more energy and can honestly say that I am already in the best shape of my life.  Thank you Anthony for changing my life for the better and for helping me prove to people that if they want to make the change and see the results, regardless of their age or fitness level, it is possible!


I’ve been training with Anthony and The FIT Room for almost 3 years now and with great results. When I got pregnant with my third child I begrudgingly returned to workout at a gym and took a break from boot camp. It was during this time I realized how fantastic Anthony’s workouts are. They always push and challenge me to work hard, much harder than I ever did at a gym. As well, each class is different and I love the variety from; tabata, accumulators, circuits, rep challenges and so on. I couldn’t have lost the baby-weight and added inches without the nutritional and diet coaching Anthony provided. He is very dedicated to my results and always provides practical and realistic advice in terms of the changes I need to make to my eating habits. Anthony’s wealth of knowledge in the fitness, health and nutrition field is very evident, I always leaving a conversation being impressed with how much he knows. This is why I highly recommend The FIT Room to anyone who wants to change their health and body, even those who think they can’t…believe me this is the place to start!


I started boot camp classes with Anthony in January of 2015. Six months post-partum and gaining close to 80 pounds in my pregnancy, I was in the worst shape I’d ever been. Anthony was great at making me feel comfortable and easing me into all the workouts. He encourages and motivates me to do better, and yet he knows how much I am capable of. The workouts are always changing, keeping it interesting and fun! I greatly appreciate what Anthony has done for me and am so thankful for all the time and effort in helping me to achieve my goals now and in the future. I would definitely recommend Anthony to anyone, at whatever level of fitness.


It takes 524 burpees to burn off 1 order of large fries! Yup! You heard it…and thanks to Anthony Marmora, you will never forget it! These last two years of my fitness journey have been the most rewarding in all of my years of yo-yo dieting and exercising. Not only have I found a fitness program that I love and will stick with, I have also learnt a great deal about proper nutrition and supplements. Anthony will answer any of your questions and is always there to support you. I have never found a trainer that actually cares – like really, REALLY cares about his clients! He constantly pushes and motivates you to be better than you were yesterday.  He provides you with suggestions for “clean” eating that allow you to live a healthy lifestyle every single day. Best of all, you will start to feel the transformation and you’ll be stronger, leaner and much more confident. Thank you Anthony for your ongoing commitment to improving my fitness goals! 


I would like to take a moment to acknowledge the life changing benefits of particapating in the workouts at the Fit Room. I have been working out with Anthony Marmora at the Fit Room for about two years now. I have found that I have more energy and feel great. It has affected my life in and out of the gym. Due to Anthony’s guidance and motivation I have been able to learn and appriecate the positive effects of training hard and healthy eating. I found Anthony’s programs are very versatile that they accommodate beginners and challenge the more advanced trainees. I would like to thank Anthony and his team at the Fit Room for all their help and looking forward to my next workout. 


I would like to take a moment to draw everyone’s attention to Anthony Marmora, a certified personal trainer and Registered Holistic Nutritionist. I must say I’ve never experienced a thorough, well rounded workout like I have with Anthony. He is dedicated, hardworking, and most importantly committed to the success of his clients at all times. I’ve emailed Anthony after boot camp, completely lost on what to eat and he replies back with a complete list of suggestions, as well as questions about what else I’ve consumed that day to grasp a better understanding of what to suggest to eat. I will continue to enrol in Anthony’s boot camp, complimented with personal training.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank and recommend Anthony Marmora, who is a dedicated certified personal trainer. Anthony has been serving me for the past few months and I am so happy with not only how much I have learned about health and nutrition but also how amazing I feel. I now have more energy, sleep better and feel stronger and more flexible.

Ten pounds and several inches smaller, I can say that Anthony has not only helped me with my fat loss but also made me confident about the way I look and feel. Thanks so much for your expertise and persistence in helping me succeed. Your difficult workouts are matched by a wonderful sense of caring and understanding, and your drive is inspirational. I look forward to more sessions of sweat and hard work! You came highly recommended and you have gone above and beyond my expectations. Thanks for everything Anthony!


As an older adult, who has a fitness background, I was really looking for something to get off a plateau and shock my system. I had never tried Boot Camp, saw the opportunity and thought “what the hey! Let’s give it a shot!” My instincts were that being older, I would be intimidated by the younger girls! Not at all!! They were a great bunch of girls to workout with, a pleasure to meet and get to know. They made me feel welcome and part of the group. The age difference never crossed my mind. I found Anthony to be very creative in his sessions. Kept us working, kept the sweat coming, changed the workouts so we never got bored, was very motivating, encouraging, was very helpful, positive and gave us advice (re nutrition program, etc.) and weekly updates. The end result? I am firmer and fitter. I lost almost 10 pounds and 8.5 inches. I am a runner and my running performance improved. I am getting a lot of compliments and my clothes are huge. Thank you, Anthony, for giving me the results I never thought I could achieve especially so quickly.


The all time best advice as well as motivation comes from Anthony Marmora. He’s the most amazing personal trainer I’ve ever met. The hardest part for me is nutrition. Always has been, always will be. The nutritional advice you get from The FIT room is unreal. The foods are realistic and delicious.
If you ever want to change your life for the better, I highly suggest you contact The FIT room. You’ll be sweating buckets. If it wasn’t for this guy right here, I would still be on the couch, watching The Biggest Loser while eating a jar of peanut butter and chowing down on a bag of chips.
I could not be more grateful. Everyone should be training with Anthony!!!!!


I have been taking boot camp classes with Anthony for almost 3 years now. My initial intention was just to lose a few pounds however I never expected it to change my life. I am the healthiest I have ever been. I feel fit and strong and it is all thanks to Anthony Marmora at the Fit Room. Training a couple times a week along with learning how to have a balanced meal has made me lose those unwanted inches. Thank you Anthony for inspiring me to reach my fullest potential and helping me feel stronger, happier and healthier than I have ever been.


Starting a nutrition and training program has been one of the absolute best things I have ever done. Before beginning in April of 2014, I didn’t even know what a burpee was much less know how to execute one! With patience and guidance Anthony helped me believe in myself and encouraged me to push myself in pursuit of my goal of a healthy and active lifestyle! Believe me when I tell you… If I can do it anyone can! Anthony helped me reflect on my purpose and for the first time in my life I began to pay attention to what I ate. In addition to that, I slowly started to believe in my abilities during our workout sessions. Today I feel stronger and more confident than I did even when I was in my thirties. I have and would recommend Anthony to anyone!