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How many times have you failed at losing weight? How many times have you been so close to your goal but failed to stay there and gained it back, or even worse, gained even more weight? The good news is, you are not alone. The better news is, The FIT room has the solution to this common and frustrating problem so many of us have experienced including me (a few more times than I would care to admit to all you of).

Why do we fail at this important goal so often? It is usually based on what I like to call the “Failure Recipe”. What is this Failure Recipe exactly? It’s a few reasons that keeps people from massive success. These reasons are:

  1. You set yourself up for failure with unrealistic goals and expectations. I am all about high standards but if your goal is to have a beach ready body in 2 weeks and you’re 30 pounds overweight, well, it’s time to make some expectation adjustments.
  2. You don’t have a MAP (Massive Action Plan). Without a proper plan you are doomed to fail once that initial motivation begins to wear off. You need a MAP that outlines where you are headed.
  3. You have no support system for when the “going gets tough”. If one thing is certain on your weight loss journey, it is that there are going to be some obstacles you must overcome. You need a support system to help you when those unexpected moments appear.
  4. You don’t want it bad enough. You want it but you don’t know why you want it. You want to look your best and feel better but you are missing the “WHY” you want it, and must have it, answer. This is the missing ingredient that separates people who are successful in their weight loss journeys and unsuccessful. You need a powerful WHY that will inspire you in the toughest of moments.

In my 4 years of being a personal trainer, from day one, I work on fixing these 4 factors that lead to failure with all my clients and I’m proud to say I’ve have had great success doing so.

Let me go over some details and answer some common questions about The FIT rooms personal training program and how it can help you achieve your goals and more importantly, help you stick to them so you can finally have that healthy and lean body for a lifetime…

First and foremost, like all our programs, our personal training programs are specifically designed to burn the fat off your body and tone your muscles. We do this by using our Unbeatable FIT

Formula that combines functional and intense training which creates our unbelievable program.

Here are some common questions answered that I’m sure you are wondering too:

  • How do I know if this program will be a good fit for me?
    This program is for anyone that wants to get some serious results. The program is tailored for each individual. We tailor all our personal training programs based on age, gender, experience, injuries, and of course, your goals.
  • How often do I need to train per week?
    For the best and quickest results, you need to train 3 times per week. Of course, that is not always possible for different reasons but we make sure to set up a plan to propel you to success. 3 times per week has proven to be the “magic number” with our clients.
  • What times are available for me to train?
    We have a very flexible schedule with lots of options for you including the early mornings, afternoons and evenings. We can adjust to even the busiest of schedules.
  • Is nutrition important? Do I get a nutrition plan?
    Absolutely! You can’t out train a bad diet (unfortunately). A proper nutrition plan is essential to your success. We give you a simple and straight forward plan that gives you a ton of flexibility to help you reach your goals.
  • What kind of workouts should I expect to do?
    We start you off at your appropriate fitness level and gradually increase to more intense training BUT I must admit, right from your first workout they are tough sessions. They need to be. Our program consists of both weight training and body weight training, and includes a variety of different types of training variables that will help you lose fat, build muscle, improve your cardio and conditioning, and of course, get you FIT.
  • When can I start your program?
    Today! And our personal training program comes with our 100% 30 day money back guarantee-
    you see results or you get your money back. You can’t beat that! That is how confident we are with our programs. Do you know any other trainers around town that offer this? NO!

Do you want to see how it works first hand (and for free)?

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Passionate and Committed to Your Results,
Anthony Marmora aka The Functional Trainer
Owner and Head Trainer of The FIT room