Online Nutrition Coaching

It’s 80% diet and 20% training”, I am sure you have heard that before, right? Well, that is not completely true. The FIT room believes it’s a little more accurate to say this:

100% Diet
100% Training
100% Attitude

With that being said, a proper diet is essential to reaping the rewards of a strong training plan and a great attitude!

The FIT room understands the struggle of the diet very well. There is so much information out there that it’s hard to know what to do. If you have ever felt overwhelmed by your diet, believe us when we tell you, you are not alone. Finding the right nutrition program is the hardest thing you’ll need to do, and the most important.

So what did we do to ensure you are receiving cutting edge information? And what did we do to ensure that we would design a nutrition plan that you can actually follow, continue with long term, and see lasting results with?

We brought on board a really amazing Registered Holistic Nutritionist by the name of Julia Karantjas, along with The FIT room’s very own, Anthony Marmora, to deliver an online nutrition coaching program.

Now, you may be wondering, what is online nutrition coaching and how can you benefit from it.

Let me tell you…

Online coaching is a service that provides convenient and fast nutrition counselling. Answers to your nutrition questions and support while you’re on the journey to better health and well­being, are just an email, message or phone call away with Julia or Anthony on the other end of that call providing a personalized service for your individual needs and goals.

Next, let’s talk about the benefits of online nutrition coaching and what you’ll receive when you sign up with your coach:

  • an individualized plan tailored to meet your specific goals and needs
  • a coach to check in with on a weekly basis to ensure that you are following the nutrition plan designed for you
  • a coach that will work with you on improving and adjusting your nutrition plan
  • access to your coach on a daily basis if you have any questions
  • tips on how to stick to your plan, along with success strategies to make this a lifestyle change (as opposed to a fad diet)
  • a personalized supplementation program
  • And much more!!!

Now that you know how this can benefit you and what to expect when you sign up, let us show you exactly what The FIT room’s online nutrition coaching program looks like:

The FIT room offers two different programs to its clients:

Program 1

  • Kick Starter Program­ 4 Weeks of Online Nutrition Coaching

Program 2

  • Long Term Success Program­ 12 Weeks of Online Nutrition Coaching

With both programs, you receive an individualized and tailored nutrition plan that meets your personal needs and goals. On top of that, you receive one on one coaching with a certified nutritionist, as mentioned in the benefits section above.

You’ll be blown away with the results you’ll get from having your own personal nutrition coach.

It is time you:

  • change the way you eat and think about food
  • eliminate your poor eating habits
  • finally get you on a nutrition plan that is right for you
  • improve the way you feel, move, and look
  • fit into those skinny jeans (once again)
  • and much more!!!

Call or email us today to learn how you can dramatically improve your health by having your very own nutrition coach!!!

Want to learn a little more about Julia? Read on!

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and fitness enthusiast Julia has managed to find a balance between the rigorous demands of working out and maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle. With a passion for fitness and over 9 years experience in the nutrition and fitness industry, Julia is able to apply her education and knowledge of nutrition and health, combined with her experience in the fitness industry, to ensure that those who work with her achieve their goals while staying balanced and feeling great.

Those who work with her in her online coaching program not only benefit from her knowledge and experience but from her continued support for their well­ being. Julia understands that everyone commits to health and fitness for their own reasons, and is not only there to ensure that one’s body responds well to what is being put into it, but that your mind and emotions are in check as well.

Julia is a published writer and passionate public speaker always looking to educate those willing to learn. Julia is also a fountain of knowledge in the world of nutritional supplements and sports nutrition. Her holistic nutrition background ensures that those who work with her achieve their goals while staying balanced and feeling great. Julia understands the tolls that the current environment and life’s stresses take on the body and through a holistic approach to wellness is able to guide individuals to a healthful lifestyle.


Passionate and Committed to Your Results,
Anthony Marmora aka The Functional Trainer
Owner and Head Trainer of The FIT room